Emergency Pet Care

If you have a Pet Emergency

What to do

1. Please call us immediately on: 01224 872024 and we will make arrangements for your pet.

2. If you are calling OUTWITH our normal surgery opening hours please follow the instructions on our answering service, guiding you on what to do next.


3. If OUTWITH our normal surgery opening hours you can phone the Aberdeen Vets Now clinic directly on 01224 379091.
If you are travelling to other areas of the UK you can visit the Vets Now Website to find the nearest available clinic. They operate 52 dedicated OUT OF HOURS emergency clinics across the country, so there should be one close to you.

What to expect

When you call us we’ll provide advice over the phone and advise whether you need to bring your pet into the surgery for immediate treatment. If your pet does need emergency care, we’ll normally ask you to bring them to our Nigg Kirk practice where we have the personnel, equipment and medicine to provide immediate treatment. We will do house visits, but it’s often best for your pet if you can bring them to us, so they have the best facilities and veterinary support available immediately.

As with all treatments at the surgery we will require payment at the time. If you have pet insurance, all or some of the cost may be reimbursed by your policy – but cover varies considerably so you should check what is covered and what excesses apply.

Who are Vets Now?

We are partnered with Vets Now as they are a trusted service located in 52 areas across the UK . They are a dedicated out of hours emergency and critical care provider, and have a full team on hand throughout the night, weekends and bank holidays. Please speak to one of our staff here at Abervet for more information on Vets Now.

vets now


In-patients, Overnight Care

If your pet is critically ill and requires overnight care and monitoring, this will be provided at the Vets Now clinic in Aberdeen, where he or she can obtain the best possible care during recovery. If this is required you will be asked to collect your pet around 6:30pm for you to transfer him or her to this facility. This will allow you to see the clinicians who will be caring for your pet overnight, and discuss ongoing care with them. All history for the preceding day is sent to Vets Now to ensure continuity of care. Fees will be explained before admission at Vets Now. Generally you will be requested to collect your pet around 8:00am on the following day to take them back to Abervet to allow us to continue in assisting your pets recovery. If you have any questions feel free to chat to the Abervet team about this.