Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery Aberdeen

Abervet provides surgical services for pets. We will discuss any surgical procedure with you, answering any questions or concerns about the benefits to your pet’s health and the potential risks involved. We regularly carry out routine surgical procedures such as neutering, as well as more intensive surgeries. More information about before and after surgery is available from Abervet.

Caring for your pet
When your pet comes in for surgery this can be an anxious time for you, so let us put your worries at ease. During any surgical procedure we focus on your pet’s safety before, during and after any treatment. We recommend that every pet has a pre-anaesthetic blood test to check for underlying health problems, we carefully monitor their anaesthetic, use only the latest surgical practices, anaesthetic agents and medications and provide intensive aftercare and pain management to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. The veterinary team here at Abervet are highly skilled in the majority of surgery, critical care and recovery, however for some procedures we may refer you to a surgical specialist. Abervet are caring, compassionate and will keep you informed of your pet’s progress at all times.

After their surgery and when your pet has recovered and is ready to go home, Abervet will guide you through post-operative care and any medication instructions. If you have any concerns upon arriving home with your pet, please call us. We want your pet to make a full, stress free recovery.

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