Pet Wellness Plans

Pet Health Club: Plan For Tomorrow, Start Saving Today

When it comes to routine wellness treatments for your pet like microchipping, neutering, flea and worming treatments, not only can the costs mount up but there’s all the planning and scheduling of appointments too.

The Pet Health Club is the perfect solution. One simple plan can be set up to cover your pet’s key preventative treatments throughout the year – and not only do you save money by spreading the fees across 12 manageable monthly payments, but you also get regular reminders and appointment scheduling too.

Club benefits include:

  • Annual vaccination & health check
  • Annual kennel cough vaccination (dogs)
  • 2nd health check at 6 months
  • Year-round worming (dogs and cats)
  • Year round flea and tick protection (dogs and cats)
  • Summertime flystrike protection for rabbits
  • Annual urine test (free flow sample) including a sample collection kit
  • Microchip implant or a £10 voucher to spend in the surgery (if already chipped) **1 per plan
  • Routine nail clips, anal gland expression with a nurse
  • Discounts on lifestage and prescription food costs (Royal Canin, Hills, Burgess Excel)
  • Discounts on chronic medications
  • Discounts on neutering, dental procedures, pet passports, pet shop sales and geriatric screening tests

All for a low monthly cost.


Plan Monthly Cost Average  Savings
Dog £16.60 £133
Cat £14.60 £134
Rabbit £11.99 £69


For further information ask your vet at consultation, or please call us on 01224 872024 or visit: Pet Health Club
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