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Take a look at our services


Take a look at our services

  • Pet Clinics
  • Pet Diagnosis
  • Pet Insurance
  • Pet Surgery

Pet Clinics

Vet Consultations

Consultations are at specified times (see below) throughout the day Monday to Saturday.
Consultations are by appointment, but there is always a vet available at Abervet to see your pet if they are unwell. Please phone us if you are at all concerned for either phone advice or to see a vet as soon as possible. Our highly skilled team can diagnose conditions and if required, carry out any medical tests. Following diagnosis our vet team will administer and prescribe medication and treatment. If your pet requires more extensive diagnostic testing or specialist veterinary treatments, our vets can schedule the appropriate tests and appointments for you.

Pet health checks

Your pet could benefit from attending regular health check ups. These health checks are helpful for us at Abervet to detect any early or subtle signs of health conditions that may be developing. This helps us treat the problem before it establishes to create a health issue. The Abervet pet health check consists of a thorough evaluation of your pet’s health and wellbeing. We may ask you about your pet’s eating habits and exercise routine. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss any routine test that could help benefit your pet and their lifestyle.

Any vaccinations that are due will be recommended, along with flea, tick and worm prevention treatments. We will also advise on dental care and nutrition. Pets approaching their senior years may require routine regular blood tests to keep a check on their major organ functions. The Abervet pet health check is also an opportunity for you to ask us any questions about your pet. Our aim is to help you keep your pet in the best of health.

To arrange your pet health check simply call us on 01224 872024 and speak to one of our team.

Pain Clinic

The first stage is to book an appointment with Sarah, who holds a certificate in chronic pain management, for a full pain assessment of your pet. This takes about an hour. She provides a written report with recommendations for treatment options which may include medication and/or acupuncture. Acupuncture appointments are half-hour appointments made with Sarah or Liz who are fully qualified acupuncture practitioners. Ideal for animals with chronic pain such as osteoarthritis or animals recovering from orthopaedic surgery, these clinics allow an in-depth assessment of your dog or cat’s pain. Therapeutic options include acupuncture and advanced pain medication. House visits for acupuncture can also be arranged. This therapy can also have benefits for neurological and skin problems in pets.

Eye Clinic

A half-hour appointment with Anne-marie will allow a complete examination of your pet’s eyes, including tear production, nasolacrimal drainage, slit lamp biomicroscopy, intra-ocular pressure check and ultrasonography as needed. Eyelid and corneal surgeries can be performed to correct conformational problems and chronic ulcers. Diamond burr debridement of persistent corneal ulcers can generally be performed conscious with local anaesthetic only. This is a referral service but a general assessment of your pet’s eyes can also be performed on a first opinion basis.

House Visit Clinic

For our Vets to offer the best care to your pet it is always ideal for our patients to visit us in practice, however we are aware that sometimes this is not possible. If your pet requires Veterinary treatment and you are unable to bring them to the surgery give us a call and we can discuss home visit options.

We do offer home visits for euthanasia, if you would like to discuss this, please ask a member of staff or call reception.

Weight Clinic

We like to see our patients at Abervet for regular free weight and diet checks. Clinic appointments are always available. Our veterinary nurses will advise you about the optimum weight for your pet. They will also advise on what type of food your pet should be eating, provide guidance regarding their nutritional needs, as well as dietary requirements. Being overweight increases the risk of other health conditions developing such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and breathing problems. We can help prevent these and our veterinary nurses are here to help.

Abervet also sell a wide range of foods suitable for weight control in pets.

List of food suppliers:

  • Hills
  • Royal Canin

We can order most brands of foods from our wholesaler

Geriatric Clinic

As pets enter their senior years it is not uncommon for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney and thyroid problems to develop. These diseases can progress unnoticed in their early stages so early detection and preventative health care is vital to help your older pet enjoy a full quality of life. Abervet will keep an eye on your senior pets’ health and let you know if your pet needs to see the vet for tests. We look forward to supporting your senior pet at the clinic.

Pet Diagnosis

Pet Diagnosis

Scientific fact is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment, so don’t be surprised if we recommend blood and urine tests or taking samples from lumps, bumps or fluids.

Taking X-rays, Ultrasound Scans or organising more advanced imaging such as CT or MRI scans gives us a huge amount of useful information, especially when dealing with complex or long-standing cases. Once we have the essentials in place, we can discuss with you the treatment options available.

We have much of the equipment required in house, including digital X-ray, state of the art Ultrasound, ECG and a fully equipped diagnostic laboratory for processing blood samples, urine tests and diagnostic cytology so that we can offer rapid and accurate diagnosis when needed. Please feel free to call Abervet if you would like any more information.

We will always try to make sure we have enough time to hear what you and your pets have to say to us.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance 

Abervet strongly advises that you have your pet insured. Insurance is a key part of responsible pet ownership. The choice of insurance company is yours, however we can offer advice on different policy types for example Lifetime, Maximum Benefit or Time-Limited.

Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery

Abervet provides surgical services for pets. We will discuss any surgical procedure with you, answering any questions or concerns about the benefits to your pet’s health and the potential risks involved. We regularly carry out routine surgical procedures such as neutering, as well as more intensive surgeries. More information about before and after surgery is available from Abervet.

Caring for your pet

When your pet comes in for surgery this can be an anxious time for you, so let us put your worries at ease. During any surgical procedure we focus on your pet’s safety before, during and after any treatment. We recommend that every pet has a pre-anaesthetic blood test to check for underlying health problems, we carefully monitor their anaesthetic, use only the latest surgical practices, anaesthetic agents and medications and provide intensive aftercare and pain management to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. The veterinary team here at Abervet are highly skilled in the majority of surgery, critical care and recovery, however for some procedures we may refer you to a surgical specialist. Abervet are caring, compassionate and will keep you informed of your pet’s progress at all times.


After their surgery and when your pet has recovered and is ready to go home, Abervet will guide you through post-operative care and any medication instructions. If you have any concerns upon arriving home with your pet, please call us. We want your pet to make a full, stress free recovery.

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